Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cacth Phrases

Viewers, we are here to discuss the terrible actions of Sox here.
Excuse me Ms. Spaz ZoTaz, but did you just use bolds and itallics on me?!
Oh shut up, you can't do it right anyway.
Oh shut up.
See viewers?! See! See! Right There! She just used my cacth phrase!!!
What?! "Shut up"?
Yes! Now shut up .
"Shut up", is not your "cacth phrase".
OK, so you declared "Shut up" your cacth phrase. It still cannot be your cacth phrase!!!
What if I got you your own cacth phrase?
A good one?
And it compliments your smexy curves.
Deal. I won't say "Shut up" any more, and you get me a cacth phrase.
Alright, here it is: "Oo la la..."
Hmmm...too French. We're Canadian, remember?
Ok, um..."Oo la la,canada...."
Oh shut up.
SHUSH! We say our cacth phrases at the very end! So you say yours, then I say mine ok?
Okie Dokie! Oo la la, canada...
Oh shut up.
SOX!!! I'm not saying it about your cacth phrase ok? Just...
Oh shut up.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cacthing Max

Hello veiwers. This is Spaz ZoTaz.
And Sox Komox.
Sox Komox?! You could of picked yourself a cool name instead of plagerizing Dr. Suess!
Not like you did any better Spaz ZoTaz.
Ack! Off task again! *clears throat sophisticatidly*
*snorts at sophistcatidness*
*slaps Sox for being a butt face!*
*reminds Spaz that we're getting off task again with these little star thinga-ma-jigs*
*remembers* Ah, well, sorry about that! Anyways, as the title says very clearly: we're going to hacth a plan to capture Max.
It was my idea!
No it wasn't doofus! I'm the mastermind here!
Whatever. We need your help to tell us what we should try to do-
To cacth Max.
You cut me off!!!
Whatever. Please post YOUR ideas by commenting this article!
Who knows, your plan might be tested on Max!
So get thinking and tell us your evil plans!
That was so my line.
Oh shut up.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Apologies

Hello viewers, we apologize for that argument you saw, but that really is our daily life!
We love each other a lot though!
Yes we Baltimore. *que music* Good Morning Baltimore...
You know what?! NO! NO,NO,NO AND NO!!! You know we live in India!
No! Anartica!
Ok whoa there! Constatinople was an old city. Its not called that anymore.
Okay genius what is it called then?!
Stop asking questions! We're getting off-task Sox!
Oh right, sorry everybody! Where do YOU think we live?
Sorry sorry, we neee to agree on SOMETHING though.
Hmmmm...How about somewhere in Alaska?
Alaska sounds good.
Do you know any cities in Alaska?
Uhh...wait! Yes I do!
Yeah! A bald rabbit told me about a city he called "Freeze me buns together cold".
Hmmm...I like it! We live in the city of Freeze me buns together cold!
That therefore makes this website PG13.
No, its PG10.
Pg10?! There's no such thing as Pg10!
Oh shut up.

Our Daily Life

Hello everybody out there! Its Spaz!
And Sox! Who is a smexy one pound ferret with curves!
Sorry Sox! one pound...ha! And what makes you think you're one pound Fatso?
What!? I am curvy wonder!!!
Curvy with fat isn't a wonder Sox.
Shut up! Nobody cares what you think! I mean come on! Who lives in Boise?!
Uh...let me think...US!
Noooo...we live in Guatemala!
No we don't! We live in Purgaway, butterball!
Do I have to remind you that we are in Cairo, Egypt?
Oh shut up! Everybody knows that we live in San Francisco!
You know what? I'm not going to continue this conversation ANY further!
I'm not a butterball you know!
Oh shut up!

Spaz Speaking

Hi guys! This is Spaz with the MUCH better Courier font. Now for all you people out there I have to break something to you: SOX IS A LIAR!! Do not listen to her! Anyways, I Spaz (you can call me Spazumms smexy boy ferrets) am a beautiful, sleek ferret with a liking for penut butter and english muffins! I am getting better with keyboards, but I have to say, I'm better then Sox is! We make this Blog to pass the time while Cassie goes to school in BOISE IDAHO!!!! NOT NYC SOX!!! Thanks for listening folks but whatever you do: DON'T TELL CASSIE ABOUT THIS!! She thinks this is Max's Blog, who is so dumb he can't spell "Blog".

Sox Speaking

Hello! Its really cool to be talking on the INTERNET!!! Wowza! Well, As you might of noticed, my writing is the amazazing Arial font. It looks better then Spaz's. Now, I know that you all find it odd that two ferrets made a Blog, but it is 100% true! This is one of the rare ocasions when its only me talking to you: me and Spaz like to type together because it makes the work MUCH easier! I want to talk about me now. I am a smexy, one pound ferret with beautiful curvres, and better yet... I'm single. So for all you boy ferrets out there: come and find me in my ferret mansion in NYC!

Intro to Spaz and Sox

Hello all you people out there! This is Spaz!
And Sox!
We are proud to present our Blog about our life called "Ferret Frenzy"!
You'll all be frenzying over! Ha ha ha!
Not funny Sox.
Well, we hope that you find some entertainment in our website!
We only write the best stuff! Enjoy!
Really, do enjoy yourself!