Friday, January 18, 2008

Cacthing Max

Hello veiwers. This is Spaz ZoTaz.
And Sox Komox.
Sox Komox?! You could of picked yourself a cool name instead of plagerizing Dr. Suess!
Not like you did any better Spaz ZoTaz.
Ack! Off task again! *clears throat sophisticatidly*
*snorts at sophistcatidness*
*slaps Sox for being a butt face!*
*reminds Spaz that we're getting off task again with these little star thinga-ma-jigs*
*remembers* Ah, well, sorry about that! Anyways, as the title says very clearly: we're going to hacth a plan to capture Max.
It was my idea!
No it wasn't doofus! I'm the mastermind here!
Whatever. We need your help to tell us what we should try to do-
To cacth Max.
You cut me off!!!
Whatever. Please post YOUR ideas by commenting this article!
Who knows, your plan might be tested on Max!
So get thinking and tell us your evil plans!
That was so my line.
Oh shut up.

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