Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Apologies

Hello viewers, we apologize for that argument you saw, but that really is our daily life!
We love each other a lot though!
Yes we Baltimore. *que music* Good Morning Baltimore...
You know what?! NO! NO,NO,NO AND NO!!! You know we live in India!
No! Anartica!
Ok whoa there! Constatinople was an old city. Its not called that anymore.
Okay genius what is it called then?!
Stop asking questions! We're getting off-task Sox!
Oh right, sorry everybody! Where do YOU think we live?
Sorry sorry, we neee to agree on SOMETHING though.
Hmmmm...How about somewhere in Alaska?
Alaska sounds good.
Do you know any cities in Alaska?
Uhh...wait! Yes I do!
Yeah! A bald rabbit told me about a city he called "Freeze me buns together cold".
Hmmm...I like it! We live in the city of Freeze me buns together cold!
That therefore makes this website PG13.
No, its PG10.
Pg10?! There's no such thing as Pg10!
Oh shut up.

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