Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spaz Speaking

Hi guys! This is Spaz with the MUCH better Courier font. Now for all you people out there I have to break something to you: SOX IS A LIAR!! Do not listen to her! Anyways, I Spaz (you can call me Spazumms smexy boy ferrets) am a beautiful, sleek ferret with a liking for penut butter and english muffins! I am getting better with keyboards, but I have to say, I'm better then Sox is! We make this Blog to pass the time while Cassie goes to school in BOISE IDAHO!!!! NOT NYC SOX!!! Thanks for listening folks but whatever you do: DON'T TELL CASSIE ABOUT THIS!! She thinks this is Max's Blog, who is so dumb he can't spell "Blog".

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